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Collaborator Programs

How We Collaborate

We welcome contributing authors, teaming on publishing and media projects of value to our readers, guest posts, suggestions for content, and critical feedback.

We also provide outdoor finance workshops, personal outdoor financial planning services, guest posts, guest appearances, and media collaboration.

Please take the time to review our content well before reaching out.  What we don’t do:  if you just want to share links or post content not pertinent to our readers, please do not contact us.

Group Clinics & Workshops

If you and your team or group want to “up your game” in both outdoor and personal finance skills, in an informative and humorous session, please let us know.  We currently offer indoor workshops and outdoor sessions in the themes of 1) Financial Survival Boot Camp, 2) Credit And Debt Are Like Trophy Bucks and Bass, 3) Personal Outdoor Financial Planning and Investing, and 4) customized to the needs of your group.  Each participant will receive training workbook and reference materials that will be useful for a long time to come.  See more below; fees are dependent on duration (available in 4 hour, 1 or 2 day sessions indoor or at locations with cabins and a central meeting lodge, or long weekend outdoor wilderness sessions), number of attendees, and travel expense when applicable.

Personal Outdoor Financial Planning

Getting outdoors more can be a powerful motivator to improve your financial situation, or make a change you’ve been thinking about but haven’t acted on yet.  Even before assembling a hard hitting action plan to improve your finances and get outdoors more, we’ll take you through a goal clarification process.  From those who just want to just get outdoors more, travel more, to established outdoors professionals looking to expand their business or brand, our process will drive you forward.  Setting your goals in the context of what’s really important to you, is not only inspiring but also increases your motivation and ability to reach your goals and do what you enjoy most.

Write for outdoorswallet.com

Join the team creating the best original outdoors finance content there is!  Did you know you could be a part of the outdoorswallet.com contributor team, get more exposure for your writing, increase your online authority, and get paid via affiliate income for your content?

To apply, provide at least one related writing sample (via upload or link to URL), along with a summary of your interest, brief background (or resume), and an outline or draft of what you would like to contribute.  All submissions will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  We’ll generally respond within 5 business days, unless out on an extended trip ourselves.

Ready To Collaborate?

We’d enjoy hearing from you and discussing your project.  Please use our contact page, and include:

  • Your name & email
  • Organization or company name (if applicable)
  • Type of collaboration or service you are interested in
  • Specific product, destination, content, theme, cause, or activity you would like to promote
  • Type of format you are interested in (content, video, social post, blog, newsletter, ad, etc)
  • Timing of your campaign, or specifics about your group and location (for workshops)
  • If known, budget levels (which we can also help you formulate) so we can craft a proposal that meets your needs


How much do you charge?

We provide several ways to reach our readers, including ad placement, guest posting, and collaborative media projects among others.

We also provide clinics & workshops, personal outdoor financial planning, guest articles of our own on your site, participation in media campaigns, and guest appearances.

Our rates depend on the targeted exposure, type and amount of content you are looking for.  For workshops: duration, number of attendees, and travel expense when applicable.  To discuss your specific needs and campaign goals, add some details about your project and an idea of your budget, and we will follow-up with you.

Can we send you product or content in exchange for promotion?

outdoorswallet.com is focused on value added content for our readers and participants, and we don’t exchange or work for free product.  Through a partnership, we provide skilled services, our valuable time (which otherwise would be outdoors!), and access to our readership.  We collaborate frequently, but also only when it objectively provides value to our readers.

Do you sell links or allow guest posts from brands?

No. When we provide product reviews, we only write about products that we have already  tried, tested, used, and stand behind.

Do you allow others to use or republish your content?

Only when authorized by us in writing. Every word on our website is original, based on experience of the authors and managing editor.  We frequently scan the web using sophisticated tools for unauthorized use of our content, and we swiftly and forcefully enforce our Copyright and Trademark rights.  We do not use automated content generators or other unoriginal or black hat techniques.

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error: Please contact us for authorization to use our original content. We fully enforce our Copyright and Trademark rights, and unauthorized use is prohibited.

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