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We want you to spend more time outdoors. 

We love the outdoors, can’t get enough of it.  “Huntin,’ fishin,’ and lovin’ every day” is one of our absolute favorite theme songs.  Thing is, getting outdoors takes time, effort……and money.

Managing your money well means more quality time outdoors.

Most of us love just being outdoors.  People who think we’re out there just to get the awesome photo op, catch the trophy or make the kill don’t really understand.  Many of our outdoor experiences are the most vivid memories of our lives.  More and more we want to travel to amazing outdoor destinations, even as we cherish our favorite local spots.

A few of us are fortunate enough to actually make our living outdoors.  Some of us get outdoors to get away from our money problems, at least in part.

No matter why you are outdoors, managing your money well can make a big difference.  From better gear to new destinations.  From sleeping comfortably under the stars knowing our finances are in good shape, to being on a path to stop the 9-5 work grind earlier – yes even retire early and enjoy even more time outdoors.

Enough Said.

We don’t need a long About page to convince you of things you already know.  We’re not that kind of website, we know why the outdoors is awesome and we get straight to the point.  No time to waste, let’s get at it!

Our Contributing Authors

Bill Bernhardt

Bill Bernhardt is a professional outdoor writer and author with over 1,800 outdoor related articles and nine books on hunting, fly fishing, and wilderness survival to his credit as well as having been a contributor to Southern Trout fly fishing eZine and American Outdoors magazine. In addition, he is the author of the courses offered at his Harper Creek Outdoor Academy as well as the owner of, and instructor at, Harper Creek Fly Fishing Company.


Travis Baxter

Travis grew up in Northern Wisconsin on his family’s dairy farm, overlooking lake Michigan. During school, Travis found himself looking outside the windows often just wishing he was back outdoors. After attending college at UW Madison, Travis decided a desk job wasn’t for him, so now spends nearly all of his time outdoors hunting, fishing, exploring, and then writing about it. He might fully take over the family farm one day, but then again might not – right now he is enjoying writing about the great outdoors just a little too much.

Sara Mirchevska

Sara has been successfully building her writing reputation through several freelance platforms, including a focus on personal finance and investing. Starting at a very young age, she discovered that her passion for writing can be combined with her interests, hobbies, and respect for the outdoors. Born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia, Sara is currently enrolled in the University American College Skopje – UACS. She is concurrently growing her professional writing portfolio, working as a freelance writer and exploring the great outdoors through her passion for writing.

Deni Sharp

Deni is a freelance writer focusing on personal finance and education based finance. She is passionate about helping readers find the information they need to make informed decisions. Also a loving wife and devoted dog mom in sunny Arizona, where she grew up, she loves spending as much time as she can outdoors fishing, hiking, and going to the lake.

To learn more about education based finance or the world of freelance writing, check out her website at https://sharplyadvice.wordpress.com/

About the Founder and Chief Editor

Mark Velicer

An avid outdoorsman for 40 years, Mark Velicer grew up in the great state of Michigan.  He has lived and fished, trekked, boated, hunted, and skiied in Washington, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York along with countless trips to other states and countries. During his busy career working in finance for three Fortune 500 companies, something was always missing.  It was not enough time outdoors.  His favorite place is on the water, including white water kayaking, drift boating, fly fishing, and hiking to alpine lakes.  This website is his way of helping others make up for lost time and regain the healthy balance that being outdoors brings to your life.

 Publisher’s Corner

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